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Story Maps Influencing Buying Habits

Story Maps Influencing Buying Habits

In the world of technology that we all live in, there are thousands of places to shop. How do we decide not only what to buy, but where to buy? How often does that perfect first impression make the buying decision for us? Businesses know what their customers want and...
A Connected Field Service

A Connected Field Service

Technology truly is amazing. It’s revolutionized the way we communicate, shop, and do business. It’s hard to imagine a world where we aren’t connected all the time, and where we can’t accomplish a multitude of tasks from the screen of our smart phones. But just...
Target and Sequence

Target and Sequence

Businesses, big or small, are adeptly ditching old-fashioned marketing tools to pave way for the new direct marketing strategies. As they strive to keep up with the ever-changing market demands, their need for a personalized appeal to the market is currently close to...

Managing Fast Changing Data

There are a few buzz words in the business world today that didn’t exist, in a business context, a few years ago. Agility. Being nimble. Game changer. Most of them have to do with speed and adaptability, and they’re all related to the speed of change in... read more
Microsoft Flow for Marketing

Microsoft Flow for Marketing

Marketing has come a long way since the internet first started. Thankfully, so has technology, and while you might not think of Microsoft when you think digital marketing, there’s a new program from the world’s favorite software creator that’s set to... read more
Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud Computing for Small Business

When many people think of the cloud, they think of storage space in cyberspace. This is close to what cloud computing is. This is one of the new ways that your small business can help to serve your customers much better. This basically means that you are subscribing... read more

Experience the Marketing Advantage

Technology truly has changed the way we see and interact with the world. One really big way that our interaction with the world has changed is the use of mapping and geo-location tools. Whether it’s using Google maps to find a destination or track a loved one,... read more


About Kanvass Pro

Kanvass Pro provides innovative maps and apps developed to transform business with the flexibility to bridge cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions. We are know for our specialized SAAS solution for field canvassing which generates sophisticated and comprehensive profiles that increase the number of acceptor direct marketing candidates that may be identified for specific marketing initiatives.