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Technology truly is amazing. It’s revolutionized the way we communicate, shop, and do business. It’s hard to imagine a world where we aren’t connected all the time, and where we can’t accomplish a multitude of tasks from the screen of our smart phones. But just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s always quicker, and the sheer number of digital tasks on our daily agenda can become a big time thief.

The solution is to streamline, automate, and innovate, and when it comes to integrating big marketing data and geographic information, that’s exactly what we do. We’ve connected the dots with some of the world’s best software, so you get a solution that does what you need, when you need it, right out of the box.

Cloud Based Services


The cloud has changed the way we store, share and access information, and it’s the perfect hub for enterprise level geocoded data like yours. By providing private, secure, and easily accessible storage via the Microsoft Cloud, we make sure that our clients and their teams always have access to their market mapping in real time. Whether it’s Joe from accounting down the hall, or Jose overseas, your team will have granular access to the data they need, when they need it.

Predictive Analytics


Collecting large amounts of data is a great start, but today’s businesses need effective, easy to use analytics tools that allows them to turn raw data into actionable solutions for their marketing team. Our platform integrates with Dynamics 365 and ArcGIS to give our customers turnkey and easy to use tools that analyze and present the data in the format they need. This gives you endless options to arrange, analyze and present data in the most effective way, but it offers a multitude of smart, intuitive options too.

Email Integration


Being able to share information quickly and easily is another critical factor in any modern business application, and we’ve covered that too. By creating native connectivity with Office 365 right in our platform, we allow our users to share data, reports and more, on the fly. Because why complicate messaging when you don’t have to? Send messages on demand, or set up push notifications to share information automatically.

Cloud Voice


Need to share critical information across teams in real time? Not a problem, thanks to built in Skype and VOIP options. Talk on the fly, change your strategy and targets based on the most up to date information, and share insights as they happen.



The biggest dilemma with big data is that it’s not exactly user friendly. Long arrays of numbers and information might hold the key to business and marketing success, but they’re not easy to digest. Which is why our platform plugs into a powerful visualization tool like Power BI. Turn that dry, hard to fathom data into easy to digest visual reports and plans.



Finally, there’s security. Gathering information is great, and it’s invaluable to your business, but if you don’t store it securely, it can do more harm than good. Whether the risk is from human error, industrial espionage or third-party hackers, the risk is real, and it’s one we all face.

That’s exactly why any good platform, including ours, has a high level of security and advanced threat protection built right into the system. We keep your data safe, so you can focus on getting results.

The Business of the Future Is Here


It makes sense that a cutting edge technology like ours that seamlessly integrates precise geographical information with your marketing data to create digital marketing models of your world is a proponent of the business of the future.

We believe that integration, utilizing available APIs to harness the power of some of the best business platforms out there, and giving our clients a seamless bridge between GIS based big data and all other aspects of the digital business world is the way of the future.

If you’re like most business people, you don’t have the time or the inclination to use another service that’s bulky, clunky or difficult to share, so we made sure you don’t have to, by putting everything in one place, simplifying it, stripping it down, and making it work at the touch of a button.

It might be possible to get the same suite of results based solutions by connecting dozens of different tools and applications. But why reinvent the wheel when it’s already been done for you? Choose a platform that gets everything done right out of the box, so you can spend more time on what matters.