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Technology truly has changed the way we see and interact with the world. One really big way that our interaction with the world has changed is the use of mapping and geo-location tools.

Whether it’s using Google maps to find a destination or track a loved one, or by tracking a vehicle at the office, our world is mapped, collated and measured.

GIS based tools allow companies to use that in-depth geographical information in their marketing, productivity and other business areas, and it’s changing the way we do business too. Here’s how mapping big data and GIS based tools can change the way you see your business world, and how you interact with it.

Visualize Your Market Coverage

One of the toughest things in old fashioned marketing was to visualize your customer base, and find which areas are hot spots. Most of us remember the old fashioned sales map in the board room, with all the push pins on it, we’ve learnt that’s not really an efficient method of keeping track of things, and its labor intensive.

GIS tools, when combined with customer data, create a variety of visuals and layers that can be updated in real time at the click of a button, and that can show you a variety of information, without the pins!

Pinpoint Ideal Locations Based On Your Criteria

Even if you know where your customers are, it can be tough to figure out where your door to door sales team should be. Not when you use GIS based tools.

Thanks to detailed risk assessments, heat maps and more, you can create custom criteria that identifies the exact areas your team should be concentrating on.

Increased Strike Rate, Increased Morale

Team morale is the engine that drives your sales department, and there’s no better fuel for morale than killer sales stats!

When you choose the ideal areas for your sales teams to focus on ahead of time, and when you use sophisticated tools that are designed to identify the very best locations for canvassing, your team is guaranteed to do better.

In fact, when teams use our GIS based tools, they see a minimum of 20% increase in sales figures for top teams, while under performing sales teams can see increases of up to 100%.

When you feed your sales team successes, you create a sales success machine.

Real Time, No Delay Analysis and Changes

By far the best benefit of combining GIS technology and tools with customer data is that the results are accurate, adaptable in real time, and can be altered at the click of a mouse when you want to test new sales strategies.

Imagine all the hours of spreadsheet modeling and map pinning that you can replace, simply by combining the very best technologies our modern world has to offer, in one easy to use interface?

Imagine being able to share that information with teams in other cities, states or countries, or collaborating with team members in a secure online environment, even when you’re not in the same place.

There’s no need to imagine anymore. The future of geographically accurate, high powered sales team management is here, and it’s all that and more.

The Most Potent Tool in Your Cold Calling Arsenal

You wouldn’t imagine doing business without email these days, or trying to reach your customers without a great website. Your sales team doesn’t leave the office without their smart phones or their tablets, and you probably use high tech enterprise software to create proposals and quotes.

Why not take your direct marketing to the next level by integrating all of those things in your market mapping? When you use Kanvass Pro’s GIS tools to map your business world, that’s exactly what you can do.