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There are many types of companies and organizations that could always use a bit of help when it comes to marketing. Industries such as foundations and other religious organizations may need just an extra boost to get donations and a new audience to take part in their services. Kanvass Pro is one company that can help these organizations with their marketing.


Many non-profit foundations will have fundraisers two to three times a year just to be sure that they have the funds to keep their organization up and running. Marketing can be complicated for non-profit foundations because of the strict budget that they are on. They generally will do community fundraisers to make sure that the neighborhood is aware that they are there.

These foundations throw many different events throughout the year in order to raise funds. Their marketing teams are generally part of their fundraising teams as well. Kanvass Pro can give anyone that is part of a foundation a clearer look on how to market and get a new target audience.

Religious Organizations

Marketing for a religious organization can be quite tricky if your team doesn’t know exactly what to do. Street canvassing is one way that they can get the word out about their services, meetings, and activities that help to benefit those in the community. If your church holds a soup kitchen to feed the hungry or even offers free counseling for members, how do you get the word out? Marketing is the best way to do so.

Kanvass Pro is a company that can help any foundation or religious organization with their marketing. Calling us will make it easier for you to build your target audience.