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In the world of technology that we all live in, there are thousands of places to shop. How do we decide not only what to buy, but where to buy? How often does that perfect first impression make the buying decision for us? Businesses know what their customers want and in the world of the digital artwork, visual impressions can influence new buying habits.

Shoppers who frequently check social media sites like Instagram are always looking for the best photos of the products that they like or are looking to buy. They look at a few things before they even look at the price. They look at color, first and foremost. Impulse shoppers can make a snap decision on whether to buy something solely based on its color. Therefore, marketers make the colors bold.

Story maps can combine a narrative with images and multimedia content. These maps make it easy for you to use geography to tell your story. Esri’s work on these story maps means that your audience can see where you are taking your business or service simply by looking at your story map. The visual impressions on your story maps can help lead your marketing campaign and help to boost your customer base. These visual impressions can also give potential customers details on your company’s inventory. These story maps are easy to use and your customers can gain more knowledge about what you want to offer to them.

Eye-catching photos are what draws the customer in, the look of the photo is key to making that sell. In the world of digital marketing, it is important that your customers see the items that you have and your marketing company will help you to make this happen. They will help to show your potential customers exactly what you offer with bright colors, visual effects, and eye-catching photos that grab their attention.

There are other ways to catch the shoppers eye though. Many organizations inspire others to act in the community based on the visual impressions they give on their website or social media accounts. This can help to connect them with the community and to other donors. They tell their story with maps on an interactive app on mobile phones. This app can show where the organization is located, their next fundraising event, and even examples of all the work that they have done in the area.

Visual impressions are not only important for shopping, but other types of groups as well. Hospitals use visual impressions on their websites to show the community what new services they offer. By making the services look appealing, by using lighting and bright colors, you can attract more patients who have a choice when choosing a hospital.

It is easy to see how many businesses are cashing in on making visual impressions to shoppers, but we can also see how easy it is for other types of organizations to attract donors and volunteers. As technology seems to grow and the Internet takes over our lives, we will continue to see those bright colors and eye-catching images all over social media and on the internet.