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What if you could predict, with a high degree of accuracy, where your team would most likely convert when going door to door? That’s the ultimate in door to door marketing risk management, and it’s possible.

Door to Door Risks

There are several risks involved in door to door sales. Financial risks include spending large amounts on wages for small returns, while physical risks include risk to your sales team when they target less than safe neighborhoods. Some of those risks can be mitigated by implementing practical processes.

It Starts With Data

In order to limit risk and increase your door to door strike rate, we collect and analyze data about your prospects. This is where the idea of big data really starts to integrate with real world sales and marketing. If you know who your customers are, where they live and what their interests are, then you’re already ahead of the game.

Your Data Will Do

The beauty of big data is that you don’t need to be specifically collecting any information. The more information you collect, the bigger the analysis pool.

How Data Analysis Works

Data analysis works the same way sales data has always worked, by collecting information about customers and establishing patterns. But while this type of analysis used to cost a fortune and take a long time, today it’s readily available and cost effective.


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Canvassing a Neighborhood
When you are out  canvassing a neighborhood, it is hard to tell what age groups live in the homes. If you encounter a neighborhood filled with retired, senior citizens, chances are you will not make any sales because they live on their pension plans. This means that they do not have extra money to spend. How can you tell where to go marketing door to door? Kanvass Pro can provide you with spatial information that will open up more doors for your business.
Opportunities for Making Sales

As a part of the door to door sales market, you want to be sure that you are building your business in the best neighborhoods. Many different types of people may open the door for you and listen to what you have to say. If they truly like what you have to sell, they may be ready to buy. Many non-earning homeowners will kindly open the door for you to hear what you have to offer but the chances of making a sale from them is low. If you are ready to commit to selling in neighborhoods with low unemployment, Kanvass Pro can help!

Selling Door To Door

Many low income neighborhoods are not the best place for you to market at the door. There are also some very high income neighborhoods where homeowners prefer not to commit at the door. So what do you do? It is time for you to focus on the neighborhoods that will buy from you. Not quite sure which areas to choose? Kanvass Pro can help your business build by giving you just the right spatial information about the neighborhoods near you. You can begin to target your audience in no time.

Population and Sales

Selling your products door to door can be a numbers game. You have to try your best to remain positive and patient. The more houses you hit the more likely you are to close a sale at the door. Kanvass pro can help you to determine the population of the neighborhoods near you and see if they are a fit for your marketing team.

The Perfect Selling Spots

As a part of the door to door market, it may be difficult for you to find just the right places to go. Many gated communities can be difficult to access and market door to door. Downtown areas saturated with high rise buildings might also not be the right fit for your marketing campaign. We can help profile the neighborhoods where your team can achieve the most success.